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Multipurpose 40K Ultrasonic Cavitation / RF Radio Frequency Skin Tightening Machine

Multipurpose 40K Ultrasonic Cavitation / RF Radio Frequency Skin Tightening Machine

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Now you can personally own 40K Ultrasonic Cavitation and RF Skin Tightening all in one device! This device has a Cavitation Probe and two RF Skin Tightening Probes for face and body! 

Ultrasonic Cavitation Description:

Ultrasonic Lipo Cavitation is a non-invasive fat reduction and cellulite reduction process. This is something you can do in the comfort of your home and it is painless. users see immediate result and will continue to see results in the reduction of fat and cellulite up to 72 hours following treatment. The most common treatment areas are the buttocks, abdomen, love handles, upper arms, inner thighs and the chin area. It is especially effective in the removal of cellulite. Ultrasonic Cavitation is the perfect treatment for people who want to reduce hard to lose fat and contour their body. Cavitation destroys fat cells by using low frequency sound waves. Once the fat cell is destroyed, it is removed from the body via your lymphatic system in a non-invasive way.


  • All Natural. Uses your own body's systems to remove fat and cellulite.
  • Quick and Effective PROVEN results.
  • Non-Invasive fat and cellulite removal process.
  • Can be performed at home.
  • See results after one session.
  • Breaks your fat-cells down into a liquid which are then removed by your lymphatic system.
  • Professional 40KHZ Ultrasonic Cavitation strength! (Same as Medi-Spa)
  • It can be used on virtually any area of your body where you are carrying extra-weight. Some popular areas are stomach, thighs, buttocks, arms, and chin area.
  • Saves hundreds of dollars for same SPA treatments.
  • Requires ultrasound gel or any kind of oil to use during treatment to help probe glide over skin and reduce friction.
  • It is recommended to drink a lot of water before and after treatment.
  • There is no downtime, and the only thing you’ll need to do to prepare is drink plenty of water.
  • The treatment is painless and feels like you are getting a massage.
  • Super-fast results - users often see improvements immediately after treatment. Ultrasonic
  • Cavitation permanently reduces the amount of fat cells you carry.
  • Portable Size for personal use. Easy to carry and store in home.
  • 100% Customer Satisfaction- Return within 15 days if not satisfied.

How Ultrasonic Cavitation Works:



A Short Video on How Ultrasonic Cavitation works:


An Example of Results Below. Combined with Healthy Life Style you will see great results!



RF Skin Tightening Description:

RF Skin Tightening Machine is a home use device for skin tightening and wrinkle removal, using radio frequency (RF) technology. (RF) procedures fall into the category of non-surgical skin tightening treatments.

This procedures stimulates collagen and elastin production to improve skin tone and texture, minimizing the appearance wrinkles in the process. Treatments can also help reduce the appearance of cellulite by affecting fibrous tissue.

Radiofrequency focuses energy on the skin’s epidermal layers (the top layer you actually see) to help make it appear firmer and smoother. Many people use it to tighten skin in the face and neck, but treatments can also be performed on other parts of the body, such as the stomach or thighs.

It can take as little as 30 minutes to treat the face. The procedure is fast, easy, and painless. The procedure is also entirely non-invasive, which means that no downtime is required.

Treatments are safe for all skin types. Between two and six sessions may be required to achieve optimal results. Significant differences gradually appear after a few months, and results can last up to one year. Maintenance procedures may be needed periodically thereafter to renew the effects.


  • Non-Invasive treatment.
  • Can be performed at home.
  • Safe and Effective PROVEN Treatment.
  • Naturally Stimulates Collagen
  • Reduces wrinkles and tightens skin.
  • Treats Multiple areas such as the face, abdomen, neck and upper arms.
  • Saves hundreds of dollars for same SPA treatments.
  • The treatment is painless and feels like you are getting a massage.
  • Super-fast results - users often see improvements immediately after treatment. 
  • Portable Size for personal use. Easy to carry and store in home.

How does RF Skin Tightening Machine work? RF Skin Tightening Machine radio frequency system, which adopts an electrode treatment head, generates electric wave to heat up the dermis directly and stimulate the production of collagen, the collagen is the motivity which maintains skin elasticity and vitality, while heating the dermis will cause collagen reproduction and reconstruction, continuous heat will make skin tighten and free of wrinkles.

A Short Video on How RF Skin Tightening Works:


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