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Sauna Heating Blanket

Sauna Heating Blanket - UBodyContour

Sauna Heating Blanket

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Product Description / Benefits:

• ➤Heating / Infared Function: Emits 9-14 µm far-infrared radiation, which can resonate with cells of the same frequency in the human body. Remove sweat from the body to achieve a healthy weight loss effect. 

• ➤Safety : The heating wire is designed to resist any stretching or bending. overheating will automatically disconnect the line, stop heating and start the alarm within one minute.

• ➤Working Principle: Far-infrared rays enter the human body, vibrate through large molecular groups, and convert it into heat energy, which increases the temperature of deep skin tissues, promotes blood circulation throughout the body, cleans the meridians of the human body, and accelerates the metabolism of the body. 

• ➤Ergonomic Design: The sauna blanket conforms to the ergonomic design, you can loosen your hands while using the sauna blanket, which is convenient for using mobile phones, reading books or reading newspapers; it has a safety protection device that will automatically disconnect the power when the temperature is too high; equipped with intelligent remote control buttons, easy to operate and easy to use.

• ➤High-quality Material: The outer layer is made of high-quality Oxford cloth, and the inside is waterproof PVC with elastic stretching function.

Material: Oxford cloth outside, PVC inside

Power: 650W

Frequency: 50 Hz-60 Hz

Voltage: 110 volts



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